Hunting for Weird Waves with Dylan GravesDylan Graves’…

Hunting for Weird Waves with Dylan Graves

Dylan Graves’ fascination with novelty surfing dates back as far as he can remember.

Rock wedges in Puerto Rico, white water rafting step-offs in Wyoming, tanker wake in Texas… Nothing is too weird for Dylan.

So when an opportunity arose to seek out more weirdness, he pounced and began shooting for the first proper season of Weird Waves.

We sat down with Dylan after his initial strike trip, to chat and learn more about what’s in the works.


Weird Waves Season 1 is officially underway. Where to first?

We just got back from the greatest lakes in the world! The Great Lakes.

Why there, and how was that experience?

Surfing in the Great Lakes has always intrigued me. The fact that they have a thriving surf scene there is fascinating. So when I heard a swell was forming, I wanted to go check it out. And holy smokes! I was not ready for the raw power the lakes had to offer. Now that I’ve experienced it, their thriving surf scene makes perfect sense.


What surprised you the most about the surf scene and waves?

The surf scene itself was so refreshing. Our local guide, Burton Hathaway, sort of summed it up with, “It’s like traveling back in time.” It seemed like we were teleported back to the 70’s, or how I would imagine them to be at least. Wave-wise, I was very humbled by the conditions. From the piercing cold, to the amounts of water moving, I had to keep reminding myself I was in a lake.

What’s the deal with those ice beards you see on people?

That’s sort of your trophy for putting in a solid session in the lakes. If you stay out long enough when it’s that cold, you grow an ice beard. Also, the fresh water freezing point is a little higher than it is for saltwater.


You’ve done a couple pilot episodes in the past. Are there any particular themes or changes this time around?

Yes, this idea has been eight years in the making and the concept behind Weird Waves has matured in that time. We plan on sticking to some of the original Weird Waves DNA by working with Joel Fox again, but unfortunately, no more talking pizzas (laughs).  


Dave Malcolm is someone you’ve worked with over the years (Greetings, Los Zapatos, Storm Troopers). What is it that makes you two click so well?

Dave is the best. He is a fellow surf geek that truly cares about shit. We geek out for hours on all things surf, and just psych on making surf films, something we hold sacred.


Can you reveal any of the future locations?

We are about to embark on an “exploratory” road trip through the US to go on what we have been calling, “The Stream Tour.” I’ll leave it at that.

When can we expect to see the new Weird Waves episodes?

The plan is to have an episode drop once per week during the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing in November.

With all the sharks cruising around in West Oz, it doesn’t hurt…

With all the sharks cruising around in West Oz, it doesn’t hurt to have an extra eye in the sky. 

Photographer Ryan Miller keeping a close watch over Nathan Florence and nailing the shot while he’s at it.